Solving today's biggest business problems requires entirely new approaches to leverage big data.
Glassball's prediction platform automates the end-to-end workflow from discovery of insights
to real time actions leading to breakthrough outcomes.


GLASSBALL is a lightning fast distributed machine learning platform empowering users to derive operational value from complex data of any scale.


Intelligent Predictions

Empower users to derive operational value from complex big data. It solves large scale machine learning problems without the need to write complex algorithms, queries or models.

Efficient Usage

Build powerful prediction features in minutes, not months. Glassball discovers insights from complex data automatically - answering the questions you didn't know to ask.

Replication, Fault Tolerance & Repair

Machines fail. Data analysis needs to take this into account when deploying algorithms on an industrial scale. That's why Glassball provides instantaneous failover.

Highly Scalable

Glassball streamlines the data engineering process enabling you to prototype on a sinlge machine and quickly transform it into a large scale production environment with the same code.

Blazing Performance

Glassball is able to handle a billion parameters for sparse logistic regression on 5 billion datapoints or can deliver over 1 billion keys per second throughput on only 10 machines.

Fast & Friendly Support

We understand that not all of our customers are technical minded, that is why our friendly support is a great choice - leaving you to run your business.

GLASSBALL is highly successfully used in the following industries.


glassball context and content personalization

Agile Realtime User Engagement for Media & Entertainment.

Serve the right content to the right person at the right time

Realtime user engagement or personalization means you are serving the perfect blend of content to keep users engaged and coming back for more. Surprise and delight your visitors by presenting relevant content tailored to their needs based on their context in real-time.

GLASSBALL's personalised, adaptive technology strengthens engagement by lifting the content for which a user has the strongest predicted preference. It analyses historic interaction data to predict user journeys in real-time, serving engaging content that is always adapting to a users changing behaviour and context while learning from global trends.

Breakthrough Outcomes.

  • 7% increase in advertising revenues
  • 30%-150% increase in CTR
  • 5%-10% traffic increase

Aviation & Airlines.

Predictive Analytics for optimized flight resource planning

The cost of flight delays is immense. Whether inflicted by mother nature, man-made bottlenecks they add up to a more than $71 billion annual hit on the economy. Even minor delays are costly. When airlines make an error in calculating the gate arrival time—what’s referred to as “average error time” in the industry — the flight is already off schedule by seven minutes.

Flights that miss their scheduled gate arrival time by just a few minutes rack up millions of dollars in annual cost overruns for airlines and airport operators. Every minute in flight-reduction time could save, over the course of a year, more than $6 million in annual crew costs and fuel consumption.

GLASSBALL build a industry-beating algorithm for more accurately predicting when flights can be expected to arrive at their destination avoiding a domino effect of bottlenecks on the ground that quickly spread to the air. Enabling our customers to cut monthly cumulative delays from 2,400 minutes to just 200 minutes resulting in less holding pattern and thus fewer gallons of fuel burned and lower emissions.

Breakthrough Outcomes.

  • Improve runway and gate arrival time prediction by up to 40%
  • Reduce unnecessary crew costs by up to 3%
  • Cut fuel costs by up to 2%
glassball airline on-time optimizer glassball airline network optimizer